The other day I had the pleasure of a trip to Heide to see the Modern Times exhibition, a treat for fanciers of Modernist art, design, architecture and social history.   I would love to present some insightful and eloquent impressions of it all, but I really can’t go past marvelling at Percy Grainger’s towelling outfits.  (These are not the ones in the exhibition, but the shorts in the left photo look similar.)  Ahead of his time or extremely eccentric, probably both, he was on to “repurposing” well ahead of the current trend.   But kind of like Paul Poiret meets Split Enz.

The accompanying exhibition Narelle Jubelin: Cannibal Tours is a stunning companion to all that satisfying, idealistic modernism.  Her textile pieces are amazing!  The finest petit-point renditions of artefacts and documents and canvas work that quotes woven Bauhaus textiles (as seem in Modern Times).  All in intricate Tramp Art frames.

And the grounds at Heide were looking so beautiful in their autumnal mantle.  As if you needed another excuse to go.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any relevant photos to include with this post, so please find above some granny squares I have been making from scraps, inspired by Pip.