It’s strange that time can seem to drag, and yet speed by at the same time.  Although it’s a joy, there are certain tasks of motherhood that drag on while you’re in the moment, yet on the whole time whizzes by and those tiny helpless babies are now twice the size.  The twins have just started on solids, rice cereal mainly.  I had forgotten how long it takes to spoon feed a baby learning to eat, plus being organised with all the accessories and accoutrements.  Times 2.

feed time

Time also seems to speed up, as we are nearly in to winter, and these babes have no hand-knitted woollies knitted just for them.  Luckily kind friends whose babies I had knitted for in the past have lent back their gifts, so there are at least some mummy-made cardis to keep them warm.  So on the needles are these:


Woolly pants – hooray!  I saw this pattern on Ravelry ages ago and thought it was one of the lovliest baby designs I’ve ever seen.  Thanks to Yumiko for sharing it for free.  I would have loved to use some of the new 10ply Luxury wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills (my LYS of choice), but felt honour bound to attack the stash.  This is doubled Bendigo Classic 5ply purchased in the bargain room at the mill.  There is also some lovely guava green for the second pair.  Yes, there must always be two, so the race is on to finish before the colder weather.

open lilium

Then there were the mysterious, frozen-in-time Mother’s Day liliums. … After a full week of slumber, one bloom has unfurled its petals and blessed us with a heavenly scent.  I hope time continues to drag on for them.