At last the woolly pants are complete, at least one pair of them, though there is still the i-cord waist tie to finish.  I couldn’t resist popping them on the nearest non-sleeping baby for photography in the dying rays of the afternoon sun, though they are probably destined for her sister.   I’m really happy with how they turned out.  I have noticed from my Rav project page that these appear to coordinate with the as-yet-unfinished Baby Suprise Jacket, also for Delphi.  Which brings me to a conundrum… do I continue to make Camille’s pants in the green 5 ply, or do I coordinate with her intended BSJ (which is in a blue/purple toned handspun)?

There is alot to be said for knitting from the stash, which consists of this times five:


Hmmmmm…  Yes, that’s a 22 l. tub… x5 I tell you…

So on the knitting to-do list are Kanoko #2, BSJ #2, the Ravelry Bendigo Woollen Mills Group swap project, and a special little hat for a new baby that is proving fun to plan.  Then it’s time to make another project for me.

In baby feeding news, rice cereal has a 100% approval rating, while pumpkin, avocado and banana lag behind with a 50% approval rating.

On the Leaving The House front, today the girls and I went to Aldi.  In my current blancmange-like frame of mind, I find the normal supermarkets a bit overwhelming, but Aldi’s limited range make it easier to cope.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Aldi.  Some of their products are really good, but others I have doubts about.  And you have to somehow not get too sucked into the myriad of lifestyle products, like battery-operated revolving tie racks and chocolate-coated potato chips (I’m not joking).  But I did manage to come away with a meat thermometer and a set of three storage boxes that I hadn’t planned on.  Got to take the retail therapy where you can get it….