I’ve been thinking about the similarities between blogging (or at least the blogs I tend to look at) and 19th century scrapbooks.  Women would use these albums to collect existing and self-created images they liked, record prose or verse and keep mementos of their lives.  This was generally done in an aesthetic manner pleasing to the maker. 

Some of the blog posts of others that I enjoy most are those that offer a glimpse into the aesthetics of their lives, their own photographs or illustrations, or those that inspire them, and stories about their daily lives. 


So here are clippings from my weekend scrapbook (maybe not so inspiring and aesthetic as some, but very pleasant none-the-less!) :

  • realising that winter is really here
  • baking cakes with Rex and cooking braised dishes for warming dinners
  • listening to the rain, and enjoying it
  • watching old videos with Rex and eating chocolate biscuits
  • adding a layer to the babies’ daily uniform
  • adding scraps to my album blogging with a cuddly wriggly baby on my knee

rain on leaf

rain on rose