gratin and cauli

Inspired by Michelle, we’re trying to eat more vegetables, and do different things with them.  ….. Also, we hadn’t been to the shop, but did have an assortment of vegies in the fridge.  Rather than make a one-pot meal today as I would usually do, I tried to treat the individual vegetables as I would meat and make them the centrepiece of each dish.

So we had green bean casserole (the Lamb and green bean casserole from Apples for Jam, without the lamb), leek gratin (from A Thousand Days in Venice) and roasted cauliflower florets.  It sounds like a bit of fuss, but it was really easy to prepare each dish in the afternoon, then pop in the oven when we were ready.  The gratin and cauliflower were particularly easy to throw together.  I haven’t tried roasting cauliflower before, and it does transform the vegetable into a nutty/sweet treat.


Served with plain basmati rice (to catch the casserole juices), chopped fetta for sprinkling on the beans and a batik tablecloth (for that 70’s vegetarian meal vibe).  A satisfying and enjoyable feast, where meat was not missed.  Of course each of these dishes would make an excellent accompiament to a meat dish too (sorry Michelle)…

veg meal