Rex turns four on Monday.  He wants “lots of parties”.  Well, we are having two, firstly a small gathering of three close friends and their parents at the Children’s Farm

chook invite

(OK, I know these are crazy, but I did have fun making them – frustrated crafter that I am.  They are based on Plum Pudding’s fabulous turkeys.)

… and then next weekend are the friends from creche.  Oh, I have invited SEVEN four-year-old boys to our house!

car invite

(You can see that I always make a couple of spares, one for a souvenir and another in case any late must-invites turn up.)  They are all apparently Cars mad, as is the birthday boy, so there is a vague car theme going on there, as well as more crazy collage on my part.

Now to make some lists, and find some time to do secret-party-business …