This is keeping my shoulders warm as I type this …

swap 015a

No, I didn’t knit it (I wish).  This is the happy result of my taking part in the Ravelry Bendigo Woollen Mills Users Group Swap, in which we had to make an item in no more than 100g of Bendigo yarn.  The lovely and talented DrCris made me the loveliest shawlette in azalea pattern of 5ply Rustic wool in a beautiful reddish-brown.  I have been admiring the shawlettes and triangular scarves appearing on Ravelry of late, and as I rarely knit anything finer than an 8ply, this is a real treat.  Here’s a detail of the lace pattern and pretty yarn …

swap 013a

And here’s a quick’n’dodgy bathroom mirror shot of me modelling it to give an idea of scale.

swap 007a

And that’s not all.  Cris included some little treats (I particularly like the juxtaposition of the tranquility tea and the huge hairy spider) resulting in two happy people here.  Thanks Cris!  I love it!

swap collage