My camera died last week, so now to go through the motions of trying to get it fixed, then discovering that it will be cheaper to get a new one.  It’s only three years old, and apparently cameras of a similar quality can be had for a fraction of its original price.  I find it so dispiriting that things are not made to last and are so readily disposable.  Anyway, this means that for a while there will be no new photos here.  Sigh…

Happily, there have been a few knitting projects either completed or commenced in the last couple of weeks.


The second pair of Kanoko pants, completed in time for Rex’s farm birthday.  These ones also in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5ply, doubled, in Raspberry (a lovely though discontinued colour).  (Incidentally, Mlle C. is also wearing a hooded cardigan I made for Rex from the softest rabbit angora that I bought in New Zealand when I was pregnant – a very special knit.)


sky and choc collage

For the Ravelry Bendigo Woollen Mills Users Group 100g swap, I made my swapee this cowl of 8ply Luxury in Delphinium and Cork Brown.  The pattern is Metheglin

On stalking my swapee, I discovered she had recently scored a fabulous vintage wool cape in chocolate and sky blue, and I became obsessed with making something to tone in with it.  I also surmised from her projects and Ravelry faves that she seemed to prefer strong designs, classic items but with a twist, something a bit out of the ordinary.  I realise that it was risky trying to match exact colours, but I hoped that a colourwork design that broke the colours up a bit might tone in even if the colours were not quite right.  Apparently the colours are not too far off, and she doesn’t normally like scarves, so this has turned out to be a good choice (phew!). 

After knitting this, I am really sold on the Luxury, it’s so lovely to work with and has a beautiful subtle sheen.



Many knitters will recognise this as a Baby Surprise Jacket, the iconic design by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Non-knitters will just have to take my word for it.  I actually knit this before the girls were born, but stalled on finishing it when I decided I wanted to make the sleeves longer.  I have recently picked up and knit on to the the sleeve ends, so it’s ready to sew up.  I figure it would fit a one-year-old, but could work as a loose coat this winter.  It is knit from two skeins of lovely handspun by the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria.

I have also made another one of these (yes, this is where the camera died) in Bendigo Rustic 12ply in Sandstone, and am currently working on this exciting project with the brown Luxury left over from the cowl.  I love this stunning design, it’s a simple project with clever construction, and has the added bonus of looking like something Morticia Addams might knit while on the needles.