I usually manage small bursts of knitting most days, but rarely if ever a nice, long session sitting cosily with an audiobook/podcast which is my idea of heaven at the moment.  I hate it when a day goes by without knitting – does this mean I’m an addict?  So lately there have been a few small projects which have been completed in a satisfyingly short time. (… photos courtesy of the video camera, somewhat ungainly for taking stills, and colour variation courtesy of winter light …)

sevencircle collage

A lovely tangle of woolly loops to adorn and warm the neck.  Pattern is the new one by the stylish and generous Kirsten, sev[en]circle.  A clever construction and fun knit.  I love how it looks like a dramatic ethnographic neck piece, only snugglier.  Made from left-over Bendigo Luxury in Cork Brown.  (Love those big Bendigo balls – always leftovers to make fun small projects)

sandstone leaf

More Bendigo leftovers in Sandstone Rustic.  I have knit several of these for gifts in the last few years.  Pattern is Lace Leaf Scarf by the wonderful Teva Durham, who was the first knitting designer that I discovered who made hand knits really interesting and desirable.  This is such an easy and quick knit, belied by its seemingly intricate form with its magnified lace motifs.

And more leftovers are to be employed in another Metheglin just cast on, this time to be in alpaca.  So off for my daily dose …