Signs of Spring! This weekend’s distractions included:

LUNA PARK 2 collageLUNA PARK 1 collageLUNA PARK 3 collage

  • enjoying a boy’s delight at a visit to Luna Park
  • a big family walk in the sunshine, walking home at sunset by the sea and canals
  • provisions from the boys’ visit to Prahran Market, including fresh basil for pesto!
  • also from the market visit, thrilled by a bunch of jonquils proudly proffered in a small fist.  “Did you buy them for me?” “No, I found them on the road”. Oh well.
  • Brie de Nangis, De Chirico bread and Mt Zero olives at lunch, coq au vin for dinner
  • Lucy’s stars!  I love hama beads and am thrilled at finding (kind of) actual uses for them
  • thinking of more crochet
  • contemplating going shampoo-free like Bells
  • enjoying knitting with luscious Bendigo Luxury for another Ravelry swap 
  • dreaming of lunch here


Hope you had a great weekend …