spring 009a

I know it started yesterday, but it really feels like Spring today!  The air smells of Spring, and it’s warm enough to throw open the windows and doors and let the air in, sunny enough to hang the washing on the line instead of on the clothes-horse near the heater.  Pleasant enough to enjoy lunch outside, and let the babies crawl out the door and on to the deck.

Subtle changes too in our daily routine.  A bit of a pattern is developing, two daytime sleeps and a big sleep at night (still interrupted unfortunately) for the babies.  They are eating solids better, and not so reliant on me feeding them, which means that I might get a little more freedom.

spring 010a

On the weekend I ventured out alone with three children to meet friends at the art gallery to see the Dali exhibition.  I duly went in (hooray for prioity queues for parents with little kids), but had to concentrate so much on guiding a double pram and four-year-old through the crowds that I didn’t really see much of the exhibition.  But this adventure was really more about getting out and seeing our friends, also with children.  We did see the film Destino, a collaboration by Dali and Disney, which was really wonderful and worth the trip.  Eventually we headed out to the sculpture garden to let the 3- and 4-year-olds run around, while my friend’s older children looked at the rest of the show.  From what little I could gather, it looked like a very interestingly curated and presented exhibition.  Dali isn’t a straightforward subject and although historically important has perhaps been criticized for his overt marketing and commercialising of his own images.  I’m not sure how the exhibition dealt with this, but it did include examples of his many collaborations.

After a quick feed for the babies, Mr Foxy collected all my children to take them home for lunch, while Ms E and I went back to see a little more of the exhibition, then sped off to the cinema to see The September Issue.  Three whole hours to ourselves!  The film was a really well-made documentary about putting together the largest issue of American Vogue, with the natural drama of the interaction of the dictatorial cool-business-headed editor Wintour and the passionate and artistic creative director Coddington.  And some footage of Paris and frocks to enjoy too.  The whole thing was so nicely handled, truthful but respectful, dramatic but non-sensationalist, a welcome respite from the brash culture of tell-all reality tv.

spring 019a

There’s alot to like about seasonal changes and the opening up of possibilities.