knit 072a

This is a scarf I made for the most recent Bendigo Woollen Mills Users Group swap, in lovely Bendigo Luxury in Ruby.  The pattern is Blowsey Ruffles, and it is freely available here.  Thanks Janine and The Inside Loop!  Although it looks a little complex, this was a really fun knit, the stitch pattern being logical and easy to follow.  It was fun to see the textures evolving with those wavy ridges and accompanying lacy holes.  And it was relatively quick in 10ply.  I think I will make it again.

And because my swappee had three little girls, I included some crochet hair clips I had made.  (Speaking of hair clips, have you seen Ysolda‘s owl?  Such a cute idea.)  I really enjoy putting together these swap packages, choosing the little extras and wrapping it all up in tissue and ribbon.  And yes, she liked it!

knit 073a

Now to get another couple of projects in before the next swap …