It’s really only about four weeks to go until Christmas!  I love Christmas, love the idea of it, love the traditions, love the thought of sharing it with a child old enough to appreciate the magic of it.  But like many people, I find it can be a daunting and stressful time, and alot of build-up to a bit of an anti-climax.  I find it’s really necessary to work hard enough at Christmas to keep the dream alive, but not so hard that it’s no fun.

So a pre-emptive strike is in order. 

First, the cards:  ideally quirkily handmade incorporating children’s artwork, yet still stylish, and enclosing a photo of the children ….. well, not this year.  I designed them online with the only decent cute photo featuring all three children and had them delivered.  They’re not too bad, and probably more economical than making a card and having photos printed to enclose.  And the relatives will love them.

Next, the wrapping paper.  I had bought up a few rolls of brown paper in the past when I’d seen it reduced, and decided that printing shapes on it would be a good activity for Rex and I.  I just used children’s acrylic paint and kitchen sponges cut into star and triangle shapes to stamp with.  It worked well, as you could get several impressions with one paint-covered sponge, and Rex really enjoyed it. (He was singing “I like yellow” as he stamped!).  We printed a whole roll in red, yellow,orange and browny colours.  I thought some dyed raffia would be good to trim the parcels, but I think I may try and use up all the red and yellow ribbon I have saved up to recycle in my overflowing ribbon box.  Though I really love Ali’s wrapping and link to these!

Of course, gifts are required.  Lists were made and there has been a bit of online shopping, mainly books and kid’s things, and of course the odd gift for me too….   It’s now necessary to not only provide gifts for three children, but also gifts from them to each other.  And Santa gifts, and creche Santa gifts …    I think that there will not be much in the way of hand-made gifts, too hard this year.  Except for another Shetland Triangle for my Mum.

Decorations.  Well, a case of make-do with what we have, with the addition of replacing non-functional fairy lights.  Last year, as illustrated rather poorly below, we made these, and may do so again (yellows again being the suggested colourway).  Though I am sorely tempted to make these, and these.  Crochet or knitted decorations really appeal to me.

And then there will be food, but as I’m not hosting any major meals, this can be kept simple, and thought about at a later date. 

Hope you get the chance to enjoy your festive preparations…