I managed to steal some time to finish a little cardigan for one of my twinnies (modelled here by Mlle. Delphine).  I think it turned out quite well, though it still needs a light press with a damp cloth to straighten out the bands and hems.  The pattern is Helena (from the wonderful Knitty) and I knitted the 12 month size in Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony in Carnation.  I’ve said it before, but I just love this yarn.  Straight cotton I find unyielding and like knitting with string, but this blend of cotton, wool and lycra is great to work with and wears so well.

I liked the top-down seamless construction, but the picot hems were a bit of a fiddle.  I’m tempted to do plain garter stitch on the second one, though the hems are a lovely detail.  I’d like to substitute a different lace pattern for the second one too.

It’s always hard to knit two of the same pattern, as I really want to move on to something different, like this – but then I’d need to make another of those too …