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Goodbye, house …

we’ll miss you.

When babies sleep in the middle of the day, it’s wonderful to spend time alone with a boy who, up until 15 months ago, was used to having our undivided attention.  Without venturing too far, there is novelty in having a picnic lunch in the little-used front garden.  He excitedly found the basket and chose the plastic cups and plates.  I threw together some wraps and fruit, and he purposefully strode forth carrying the basket.

After chatting, eating and laughing, a little head was laid in my lap for a few quiet moments.  The traffic noisily hummed outside our front fence, but inside our secret garden all was peaceful.

And yes, I know the lawn needs cutting …

Truth be told, I’m not really a beach person.  I like the idea of the beach, of idyllic frolicking in cool water and soft sand, of sitting and contemplating sky and sea, of making sand castles and collecting shells.  But the reality is sitting exposed in the full, hot sun, with sand sticking to sun-block-covered skin, trying to get tender-skinned babies to keep hats on. 

So early in the day and short doses is the key.  But the photos look good, anyway….

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