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When I made a Shetland Triangle shawl for my aunt’s 80th birthday, I thought that I really should make one for her younger sister, my mother, too. 

Now Mum is an accomplished needle- and crafts-woman, who can make almost anything.  She can knit lace, but I don’t think she has knit it in a fine gauge, as a shawl.  And a fine lace shawl (that can be worn as a scarf)is something she wouldn’t knit for herself.  And if Marion has one, she should too!

A promised Christmas present became a birthday present, but finally it’s finished.  The knitting was fairly quick, such an addictive pattern, but this one hung around due to fear-of-blocking.  I was determined to use blocking wires this time, and eventually got around to buying some, but still I hesitated, also due to packing and moving.  Finally last weekend I took the plunge with flattened large packing boxes, towels and the new wires.  I think I still need a bit of practice, but the wires are definitely easier to deal with than pins alone.  And there is now a finished Shetland Triangle for Mum!

The yarn, again, is Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply, this time in Iris Mist.  Purple is not a colour that I would normally choose for myself, but I did think a lavender/iris shade would suit Mum and when asked she also chose purple.  While I was knitting it there were a few flowers appearing in the garden of a similar hue, which made me appreciate this colour a bit more.

I’m still to knit one for myself, and perhaps I will return to this pattern, but there is another that has caught my eye.  What could be better this autumn and winter than to be wrapped in traditional, fine, knitted lace.  I hope Mum thinks so too.


Things I love at the moment …

  • Amy‘s new eMailorder #11.  So excited about this, and really recommend taking a look if you want to forgo commercial skin care and healthcare products for something simpler, without scary ingredients and more economical.
  • My new cold weather Birkenstocks
  • Self-feeding babies – but, oh! The mess!
  • Luscious new yarn from Ms Gusset.  I think this one wants to be a Damson (but would I really wear it …?  Suggestions on alternative good uses for one skein of yummy sock yarn sought.)
  • Elaine’s tie scarf.  Genius!
  • This beautiful new book (more about this later …)
  • I took the plunge and bought some blocking wires – time to get blocking …
  • This magazine … although I read a good pal’s copy, I just had to buy a recent issue and am sorely tempted to subscribe.

A quick catch-up post incorporating baby photos and knitting …  Before the move, in the last days of summer, we went to a lovely third birthday party in the park for Miss Tessa.  Despite also having a new, just weeks old baby, Tessa’s mother had prepared a gorgeous array of bunny-themed cakes and decor.  It was a perfect sunny day for cup-cake eating, pinata scrambling and playground exploring. 

For baby Emma I had made a Whirligig Shrug, forgoing my usual standard gift of a February Baby Sweater for a quicker project.  Such a cute little shrug with lovely details, I cast on another, larger one for one of my girls immediately on finishing this one.  The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony in Mimosa.  This will be a great little coverup now the weather is getting a bit colder.

I’m really looking forward to Autumn.

We’re in and mostly unpacked, and pretty happy with our new abode.  After our rambling, wonky, eccentric Edwardian with a creative spirit, we were initially disappointed by this smaller and plainer California Bungalow.  But the move forced us to shed a few belongings and organise everything a bit more, and now this house’s quiet charms are revealing themselves to us.

It’s been busy – with packing, bouts of gastro throughout the family, moving, unpacking and ongoing organising – amidst the normal chaos of a family with young children.  But now that things are getting a little less out-of-control, there are at least some quiet moments to be stolen from child tending, household chores and unpacking.  There has even been knitting …

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