Things I love at the moment …

  • Amy‘s new eMailorder #11.  So excited about this, and really recommend taking a look if you want to forgo commercial skin care and healthcare products for something simpler, without scary ingredients and more economical.
  • My new cold weather Birkenstocks
  • Self-feeding babies – but, oh! The mess!
  • Luscious new yarn from Ms Gusset.  I think this one wants to be a Damson (but would I really wear it …?  Suggestions on alternative good uses for one skein of yummy sock yarn sought.)
  • Elaine’s tie scarf.  Genius!
  • This beautiful new book (more about this later …)
  • I took the plunge and bought some blocking wires – time to get blocking …
  • This magazine … although I read a good pal’s copy, I just had to buy a recent issue and am sorely tempted to subscribe.