Late Autumn, and this is what some of the vegetable patch at the Children’s Garden looks like at the moment.  A common theme in the bloggy world that I enjoy is acknowledging and celebrating seasons, cycles, special times and anniversaries. 

Not as auspicious as some anniversaries, but I just realised that it is one year to the day since I starting blogging. 

I started on a whim, without many expectations.  I had enjoyed reading about the creative/domestic lives of others, and wanted in some way to have a journal, a scrapbook, a chance for some dialog with people who like similar things or have similar experiences.   Best of all I now feel like I have made some good bloggy friends, whose blogs I regularly visit and am inspired by, and who leave me cheerful, informative and supportive comments.  And that contact, virtual or actual, makes life more enjoyable.

Thanks so much for visiting me.