As a Toy Story devotee, Rex was excited at the prospect of getting my old Mr. Potato Head to play with.  When it emerged from Grandma and Grandpa’s house, I was surprised how different it looked from the movie character and thought Rex wouldn’t like it.  But he loves playing with it, and what’s not to love about sticking facial features into a plastic vegetable?  This was a favorite toy of mine and I remember playing with it a lot, as with Lego and pseudo-Barbie.  I had two sets, so apart from two Mr. Potato Heads, we have Katie Carrot and Cookie Cucumber (aka nowadays as “The Zucchini” – when I played with it I don’t think I had ever heard of a zucchini).

In my extensive research, I have discovered that just a few years after I received my Mr Potato Heads c. 1970, the toy was changed to be larger with larger features in an effort to be safer for young children.  But I love the kooky old-fashioned appearance of these ones.  Above we have a pirate, a ballerina with an axe (!!) and a princess, standing outside their megablok villa.