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My little ones are two today.

Their second year has seen faltering first steps lead to running, stamping, dancing legs

downy heads become mussy golden halos

and garbles and giggles become words.

How wonderful to have someone to travel through life with

and how lucky am I to come along too.

Happy birthday, my beauties.


We’ve been sick, the children with seemingly never-ending gastro one after the other, and me with pneumonia, requiring a few days in hospital and subsequent enforced rest.  While the low energy levels and general fatigue are no fun, the rest has proved somewhat novel.  So in my convalescence, apart from actually getting enough sleep, I have had time to:

  • knit!  A shawl and child’s garment are complete …
  • read a book!  Hastily chosen from the Library as I had heard others recommend Neil Gaiman’s writing, these clever, fanciful, spooky stories took me away from the mundane reality of hospital rooms and untidy domestic arrangements.
  • get a head start on Christmas shopping for overseas friends by browsing Etsy – and maybe getting something for me … (and got to love the current exchange rate!)
  • enjoy meals outside on warm evenings

  • think about Christmas craft projects to make with Rex.  I was considering simple paper-cut snowflakes and I love those angels made by rolling a single piece of paper into a cone, kind of like these (which are much nicer than what I was thinking of – aren’t they beautiful!).
  • catch up on the mending pile and sort out children’s clothes
  • cook proper meals for growing children.   The babies are ravenous at the moment, a growth spurt must be imminent…
  • make lego models.  There has got to be a better way of storing lego to make this easier – I’m thinking separate compartments for each colour …
  • generally enjoy taking it easy.

… and glorious today too, but I’m afraid there is some wintry knitting to catch up on.  Completed for the last wintry days (and I’m not convinced that we wont have a few more chilly ones yet) was quick-toddler-woollie number two.  Again my plan was to use some 12 ply wool from stash, so I did a Ravelry search for something that fitted the bill.  I came up with Waffles for Brunch, a handsome little pattern with lots of nice details and little finishing.

I again used Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 12 ply, this time in Tuscan.  This isn’t a difficult pattern, but that didn’t stop me from failing to correctly follow the pattern. I forgot to continue the garter stripes in the upper fronts, but left it like that as I figured that a plain yoke balancing the garter placket worked ok design-wise. 

(Accessories model’s own)  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  It has enough room to grow to do for next winter, and the ribbed pattern makes a very stretchy fabric that fits quite well now.  And the girls actually like wearing their new handknits!

And to finish up with the update of unseasonal knits, I also made myself a quick cowl in some lovely dark greyish handspun from The Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria.  Pattern is Destroyed Cowl, an easy expanse of mindless stockingette stitch, with dropped stitches in the final row and kitchener stitch to make it into a seamless loop.  I have been finding this a useful piece, but tend to think that the pattern would be better with a thicker and loftier yarn (as intended).

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