It’s hard to write something new about a pattern I’ve made and posted about twice before, but making a lace shawl seems like such a notable achievement that I can’t help showing it off.  I am always surprised that such a large piece of knitted fabric (as the finished shawl is) in a fine gauge yarn seems to take less time than expected.  I think that it’s because it starts out small so the early rows fly by, and by the time it is a reasonable width, the lace pattern has been memorised (and has you hooked) and the long rows don’t seem such a chore.  Also, wetting and stretching out a crumpled diamond-shaped thing into a triangle twice it’s size helps too.

As before the pattern is the Shetland Triangle, knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply in Brick.  I made this one larger than the others at 13 repeats.  I think I enjoyed knitting this version so much as I was so comfortable with the pattern, I loved the colour, and because it was for me!  I am really pleased with it.  Of course it’s too hot at the moment to wear it, but I imagine throwing it on in air-conditioned environs until it becomes indispensable in the far off cooler weather.

On a different but not unrelated note (I love listening to podcasts while knitting as well as while – more frequently – performing tedious repetitive household tasks), I have been really enjoying catching up on my classic literature and listening to Frankenstein!  So good (no, really) and includes a crash course on Romantic poetry!  Looking forward to Dickens next …