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As much as I would like to show off some tasteful easter crafting, I must admit that my new obsession is Hama beads (or their Swedish cousin, Pyssla).  You painstakingly put coloured beads on a pegboard in a design, iron it to fuse the beads together, and you end up with a flat plastic beady thing.  Although the end product may seem somewhat dubious, it is incredibly addictive, and even my rambunctious five-year old loves making these.  We have recently made a suite of easter decorations together, and he has loved coming up with ideas for what to make.  It’s so lovely to see him quietly concentrating as he chooses and places the beads.  It’s obviously good for developing fine motor skills, but I think there is also that calm purposefulness that you get with knitting or any other repetitive craft.

For me there’s something comforting about the regular grid structure, and creating simplified and geometric patterns and designs.  Maybe it appeals to me in the same way that knitting fairisle does.  Perhaps Rex, who often gets frustrated when drawing when his pictures don’t come out how he imagines them, finds this structure allows him to control the forms he wants to create.   And working alongside the usually rowdy boy, quietly and calmly, is such a delight, as is witnessing his satisfaction at creating something. 

In other Easter making, I hope to get around to some egg dyeing before Sunday.  The pashka is in the ‘fridge and the chocolate is at the ready.  With more planning, I would have liked to create a version of Soile’s Easter wreath, which I think is so wonderfully witty, if faintly disturbing.


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