The last couple of months have been trying.  Somebody or other sick constantly.  Then we were burgled.  I’ve always been perversely proud that we’ve never had anything anyone would want to steal.  But then there was the laptop, so away it went, along with a few pieces of jewellery.  Things of monetary value that I never considered as such.  My grandmother’s engagement ring and enamel locket, the gold locket I got for my 21st birthday, and some gold earrings Mr. Foxy commissioned for me from a contemporary jeweller about 20 years ago.  The loss of my grandmother’s pieces is hardest to bear.

Then, unexpectedly, we bought a house!  Our own house, a proper one with a proper yard!  Despite looking at properties on and off for the last three years, I had just begun to worry that I would never have my own home – anything suitable was unattainable, anything affordable was unsuitable.  The elation of knowing that we don’t have to scour the real estate advertisements every week and spend weekends rushing to open inspections!

There’s one small hitch … we need to build on to it to make it big enough.  The prospect is daunting, but exciting …