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I’ve been finding it difficult over the last few months to find the time and head space for adding to this space, my scrapbook of little things that make life happy.  My adorable twinnies are proving very challenging of late, and I seem to be leaping from cleaning up one disaster to dealing with yet another tantrum.  I was somewhat comforted to learn that 3 1/2 is an especially difficult age where littlies are seeking to learn through pushing the boundaries.  Hard.  Oh yes, and I have two of them.  Add testosterone-boosted Mr Six into the picture, and it’s not pretty.  Not usually one to embrace self-help books, I’ve been finding this one by turns frightening, comforting, challenging and compelling.  At least I know that it is a stage, and this too shall pass.  I’m just hopeful that I can deal with it in the most positive way possible.

But now, in a brief moment of respite as said children are frolicking in the botanic gardens with the usually shift-working Mr Foxy, I can add some snippets to the scrapbook.

Recently I welcomed the year of the dragon under the assumption that this will be a great year for me, having been born in the year of the dragon.  I was keen to mark the occasion and forced everyone to visit the new year celebrations at Box Hill.  Amongst the music and bustling stalls, we found respite at the Fo Guang Yuan activity table.  While the kids coloured in dragon puppets, I learnt how to make paper lotus flowers.

It had been so long since I had made anything, yet alone learned a new trick.  I just had to make more.  I used three kinder squares cut in half, but the instructions found here used an A4 sheet cut up, so it would be great for recycling used paper too.

In other news I have caught the Pinterest bug.  So dangerously inspiring.  My excuse? Bookmarking ideas for our new home.  Yes, it is really happening and we have the plans to prove it.  I’m also enjoying this magazine with its cute ideas and lack of reliance on costly items.


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