Some recent making for the school fete.  Pompom garlands inspired by Jorth’s.  I’ve become rather addicted to making pompoms, so great for using up small bits of yarn and op shop buys, and is there anything more cheerful than a woolly pompom?  They found their way on to hair elastics too.

Some more crocheted star garlands.  I have even taken to making the stars while driving to work, that is while I am stuck in traffic.  Makes a tedious commute more satisfying.

And hama bead necklaces.  I’ve been wearing one that my boy made me and got lots of good comments.  I also made a few scarves like the ones here.

I’ve always thought that when selling hand-made goods you never get paid for the time involved, so it’s not something I have dreams of doing full-time, but it was nice to have an excuse to make a few things to sell in this context.  And fetes are the place to pick up bargain hand-made goods.