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Lovely Loobylu, the instigator of what’s hot and not, is having a break this week, but I feel compelled to persist …

Summertime! Loving our cool, shady courtyard and deck.    Having to move house next month – oh, and find somewhere to move to …
Walking!  It’s what all the one-year-olds are doing around here. And sitting in the kitchen shelf with the stockpot.   Falling over due to unsteady walking. Ouch.
Watching the thunder-storm on new year’s eve, with sleepy four-year-old on lap and NZ sparkling in hand.   I’ve never liked the emphasis placed on new year as a chance for starting something new or changing something.  I believe that this can be done any time. I like to think of time as continuous rather than delineated.
Pip’s resolutions.  I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions, but I love these. (Especially no. 7)   Too many things to do, so little time! Sigh!
Reaching the end of my Mum’s shawl!   Inexpert lace shawl blocking ahead …
Enjoying our lovely Christmas gifts, including reading new books.   Watching certain children’s’ DVDs perhaps a little too much.  Sad that my cultural references now entirely consist of dialogue from children’s movies.
Home-made icy poles   Much of my cooking now ends up on the floor …
Cubism at Heide, and their new café!   Day trips en famille are still a little challenging without an entourage of nannies, sherpas and personal chefs.
Visiting the dinosaurs at the museum, and the illustrations in this clever little book.  Dinosaurs now very hot, and dragons even more so.   Amongst my new genre of bedtime stories with dragon protagonists, perhaps my “Dragons go to Luna Park” is not so hot …



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poppies collage

The weather   The weather (too hot)
Poppies for remembrance   To be totally obvious (but it goes with the poppies), War
Fresh peaches on my muesli and yoghurt, and breakfast outside in the cool of the morning   Not managing to buy a house on the weekend (sob)
Slipping back into work without too much drama.  Sadly, it’s like I’ve never been away in some ways.   Getting up at 6.30.  Driving in heavy traffic for an hour to get to work.
Getting a babysitter, leaving the house without children, eating Indian food and seeing a movie!   The children, unused to it, don’t like us getting a babysitter and leaving the house.  (But they survived)
If this keeps up, dinner here is on the cards!   Our good friends moving back to Sydney in a few weeks … sob
Thinking about Christmas and doing a bit of on-line shopping for gifts, and planning crafty activities   Thinking about Christmas … only how many days away?
Home-made icy poles, strawberries and watermelon   A proper breakfast (as far as young R is concerned)

buzz 001a

Also really hot is the garage (literally), and drawing on the ground, and of course, Buzz Lightyear.

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