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Most of my Easter list was checked off (though I didn’t have time to look for Easter daisies  in my last-minute dash to the supermarket on Good Friday, but I did find fruitless hot cross buns of dubious quality).  I was pleasantly surprised how enthusiastic Rex was about embracing all things easter-y.  He loved participating in decorating the table with flowers from the garden and arranging and re-arranging the family of bunnies.  He loved the idea of decorating the eggs, but wasn’t too keen on getting his hands messy with the paper mache paste.  He even showed interest in and slight comprehension of the Easter story.  And he was of course so excited to take part in an easter egg hunt on Sunday morning, and generous in sharing the experience with his sisters.  (I did find snap-shut plastic egg-shaped containers at the supermarket that did allow me to do the nocturnal egg hiding after all.  Sleep is a luxury around here at the best of times.)

All preceded by wholesome frolicking in grandpa’s garden, where it was nice to see that lemon-picking was almost as exciting as chocolate.


A quick catch-up post incorporating baby photos and knitting …  Before the move, in the last days of summer, we went to a lovely third birthday party in the park for Miss Tessa.  Despite also having a new, just weeks old baby, Tessa’s mother had prepared a gorgeous array of bunny-themed cakes and decor.  It was a perfect sunny day for cup-cake eating, pinata scrambling and playground exploring. 

For baby Emma I had made a Whirligig Shrug, forgoing my usual standard gift of a February Baby Sweater for a quicker project.  Such a cute little shrug with lovely details, I cast on another, larger one for one of my girls immediately on finishing this one.  The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony in Mimosa.  This will be a great little coverup now the weather is getting a bit colder.

I’m really looking forward to Autumn.

When babies sleep in the middle of the day, it’s wonderful to spend time alone with a boy who, up until 15 months ago, was used to having our undivided attention.  Without venturing too far, there is novelty in having a picnic lunch in the little-used front garden.  He excitedly found the basket and chose the plastic cups and plates.  I threw together some wraps and fruit, and he purposefully strode forth carrying the basket.

After chatting, eating and laughing, a little head was laid in my lap for a few quiet moments.  The traffic noisily hummed outside our front fence, but inside our secret garden all was peaceful.

And yes, I know the lawn needs cutting …

Truth be told, I’m not really a beach person.  I like the idea of the beach, of idyllic frolicking in cool water and soft sand, of sitting and contemplating sky and sea, of making sand castles and collecting shells.  But the reality is sitting exposed in the full, hot sun, with sand sticking to sun-block-covered skin, trying to get tender-skinned babies to keep hats on. 

So early in the day and short doses is the key.  But the photos look good, anyway….

Signs of Spring! This weekend’s distractions included:

LUNA PARK 2 collageLUNA PARK 1 collageLUNA PARK 3 collage

  • enjoying a boy’s delight at a visit to Luna Park
  • a big family walk in the sunshine, walking home at sunset by the sea and canals
  • provisions from the boys’ visit to Prahran Market, including fresh basil for pesto!
  • also from the market visit, thrilled by a bunch of jonquils proudly proffered in a small fist.  “Did you buy them for me?” “No, I found them on the road”. Oh well.
  • Brie de Nangis, De Chirico bread and Mt Zero olives at lunch, coq au vin for dinner
  • Lucy’s stars!  I love hama beads and am thrilled at finding (kind of) actual uses for them
  • thinking of more crochet
  • contemplating going shampoo-free like Bells
  • enjoying knitting with luscious Bendigo Luxury for another Ravelry swap 
  • dreaming of lunch here


Hope you had a great weekend …

ik collage

… or sometimes I even leave the house, again …

Although we’ve lived in this seaside suburb for nearly a year, due to being very pregnant, sleep-deprived or caught up in baby (lack of) routines, I’ve hardly ventured to the sea.  Yesterday when Mr. Foxy had the day off we made an effort to go out for lunch and a promenade.  A cold, clear day with not too much wind made for pleasant strolling.  I’m not used to the landscape and landmarks here – the Norfolk Island pines instead of St Kilda’s palms, the flatness, and the different quirky aspects of the built environment.  And alot of yellow …

A good chance to try out the new granny square scarf, finally bordered and pressed blocked.  This project was started with great enthusiasm and little planning, inspired by Pip (the woman who launched a thousand granny squares).  Sometimes only crochet will do.  I’m happy with it, though it does look a bit crazy ‘boho’.  The almost-ugly colours (scraps and leftovers) are a mix of dull, rich and bright, like the palette of an oriental carpet, I like to think.  In any case it was satisfying to turn a pile of scraps into something warm and decorative.

k collage

 I don’t know the source of the original quote, but a friend once told me “there is no such thing as a perfect life, just perfect moments”.  Which makes alot of sense really.  Why do we expect/hope that our lives will be perfect when this is probably impossible?  It is better to enjoy and gain satisfaction from the many small happinesses in the bigger picture, I remind myself.  And hooray too for artful imperfection.

So despite the untidy house, backlog of washing, untackled projects, lack of a shower and goodness knows what else I should have done, today was a pretty nice day.  Dear friends visiting and bringing homemade biscuits.  Children playing together happily (generally). Cups of tea and snatched conversations with a confidante.  Gifts given and inspiring books and magazines borrowed.

A family lunch in the back yard.  We like to pretend we have our own cafe, and Rex likes the novelty of eating somewhere different, relishing helping to set up.

chez nous

 Yes, that would appear to be pizza.  I would like to say it was home made, but remember, we are not talking perfect here.  It is Lebanese flat bread, purchased tomato sugo, mozzarella, shaved ham and olive paste.  10 minutes in the oven, and it tasted pretty good on a sunny day in an alfresco courtyard cafe autumnal backyard.  There may have been a small glass of wine as well …

table a deux

 And later, we thought that those old easter rabbits were starting to wear out their welcome…


Like I said, a pretty nice day.

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